About Us

The Next Generation Pastor’s Institute (NGPI) provides an opportunity for pastors and leaders to be empowered and inspired by Dr. Carolyn D. Showell. Dr. Showell is a gifted and anointed speaker who conducts and coordinates conferences, workshops and seminars on church growth and transformation, leadership development, human development, spiritual growth, and the creation of Faith-based initiatives. She is a much traveled and heavily sought after woman of God because she dynamically preaches and teaches God’s Word.

For almost seven years, Dr. Showell, has been meeting with a small group of pastors from Ohio, Maryland, and beyond. In past sessions, our conference topics have included, How Shall We Serve God? In Excellence, Without Excuse; The State of the Millennium Church; Clergy Wholeness: Living a Balanced Life; This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Church: Recognizing Changing Trends; Building the Bridge Between Pastor and People: Do They See What You See?; Put Your Heart Back in It; Peaks and Valleys; and Integrity in Leadership, just to highlight a few. In addition to Dr. Carolyn Showell, guest presenters to NGPI have included, Bishop Ralph Dennis (Baltimore, Maryland), Angela W. Smith, MS, NCC, LCPC (Baltimore, Maryland), Bishop Howard Tillman (Columbus, Ohio), and Bishop and Lady Carl H. Montgomery (Baltimore, Maryland).

NGPI is preparing pastors and leaders to be effective in their service to the Lord and to the generation they have been called to serve.